Hi, I’m Sotto.

One of my housemates suggested I start a dream blog (what he actually said was ha ha ha you should blog this shit) when I told him about the time I couldn’t close the fridge door because my pot of yoghurt was too big.

My dreams range from the majestically complex to the crushingly mundane.  Here, I will attempt to share them all.

Because you know those times when you just have to ask: what the fuck, subconscious?


Sometimes, the meanings of my dreams are obvious to me; other times, I haven’t got a scooby. Feel free to comment with any cunning interpretations. Likewise, if you have need of a fresh perspective, you’re welcome to send me your own dreams and I may or may not tell you you’re cracked.

Dreams are often featured and explored in literature and art, as well as psychoanalysis. I happen to like all of those things, so they all have a place in this blog…

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