wtf subconscious, three months in

It’s just over three months since I started keeping this blog; high time I made some visual aids to show some of the themes I’ve been noticing in my dreams.


A word cloud, created using the full text from all my blog posts. The Word It Out software removes ‘stop words’ such as it, the, and, or, but.  And, I’ve removed the words dream(s), and subconscious because I don’t think their inclusion would illustrate anything outside of the obvious!

wtf emotion cloud

This second word cloud consists of all of the feelings and emotions that I’ve identified in my dreams over the last three months.  These include the emotions that my dream-self has felt, and also any that have been directed at me by other people in dreams.  (Some of the emotions I’ve included here were not named directly in the original blog posts that they’re taken from.  I re-read each post and as I did so, thought about what emotional reactions I was indirectly – if not directly – describing.)

You’ll notice that most of these emotions or feelings are negative ones. I wanted to create a graph showing the ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ dreams that I’ve had, but since many of my dreams contained mixed or ambigious feelings, it was hard to categorise them as either/or.

So, using the same word list as the cloud above, and the frequency with which each feeling occurred, the ratio of my ‘positive’ to ‘negative’ dream-emotions looks like this:


That’s more than 82% negative, which does not entirely tally with Freud’s idea that all dreams are a kind of wish-fulfilment.

How about you, folks? I’d love to hear what your most common dream-emotions are, so do comment and let me know!

I’ll make new, stylish graphs and clouds every three months (or monthly if I have enough data for it to be interesting).  And, of course you can let me know if you think there are any other themes or patterns that you think I should be representing in chart-form…


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