A Grand Week Out

I’ve been asked more than once, what cheese does to my dreams, and it is an excellent question.  I don’t often notice a correlation, except sometimes when I visit my parents, especially around Christmas, when there is usually a lot of cheese but also alcohol.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Crete for just over a week; I’ll try to blog any dreams I have while I’m away, especially ones that may have been feta- or halloumi-induced.

Once I’m back in the UK, I look forward to launching a meticulous study into the effects of different cheeses, their quantities, and whether or not they’re accompanied by wine, on the frequency or contents of my dreams.  Please stay tuned for what I hope will be a significant and influential piece of research.

dehydration dreams

Woke up at eight this morning, slightly hungover from half a bottle of rioja and some salty, homemade Spanish food.

I’d been dreaming of drinking glass after glass of iced water.  Also that it was raining, which gave me an excuse not to go to the allotment.  (In fact, it’s a beautiful day and I have no such get-out.)